“You asked really insightful questions and brought out the best responses from Dad, who typically is a man of few words. We are so pleased to have all of these stories and phrases captured. I appreciate it so much.”

Erin Henry (3/17/19) Overland Park, Kansas  


“I have a sense of having accomplished something for our family.  The finished product is something that I am very proud of.  Generations going forward can listen and learn of their roots. . Thank you once again for an outstanding job.”

Jim Eddy (3/11/19) Leawood, Kansas 

Van Ogtrop.jpg

"This past year you recorded my in-laws to capture their life stories.  I was so pleased with the recordings.  The whole family really enjoys listening to it. We then had you record my parents.  They seemed to get as much out of the recording as their daughters did.  It was so wonderful."

Valerie van Ogtrop (1/15/19) Riverside, CT

Higgins Pic.jpg

"I just listened to the recordings you did of Mom & Dad.    What a treasure! You did a great job in the interviewing.  We are so happy to have this! Thank you."

Kim Bean Higgins (2/22/18) Mission Hills, Kansas


"My family can't tell you how much we appreciate and cherish the recordings of our parents' life stories. This will be handed down for generations to come. The stories and life events of our parents are cemented in time now for all to enjoy. Thank you so much for this special gift."

Joan Zarda Davila (1/16/18) Shawnee, Kansas

GRM Mo OIl Jobbers Photo.jpg

"I am so grateful you appeared in our lives when you did - just a year before Dad died. My father thoroughly enjoyed the process of sharing his stories with you and now that he is gone it is such a gift to us to have them in his voice. Thank you."

Jay Haugh (11/16/17)  Lawrence, Kansas


"Your recordings are absolutely amazing!  It is hard for me to believe so many of my life stories have been saved.  I can't thank you enough for your efforts.  I am having such fun listening and reliving some of my past.  I am anxious to share them with my family."

Carolyn Jacobs (5/19/2017) Mission Hills, Kansas


"I have listened to the recording 10 times or so.  Each time picking up different 'tid bits'.  You were brilliant, asking all of the right questions.  You have given a little bit of my mother back with these insightful stories of her childhood.  I will be forever grateful. "

Pam Gyllenborg (5/19/2017) Leawood, Kansas


"We listened  to excerpts of the recordings while we were together for Easter.  It was so much fun!!!! Everyone loves the recordings. What a gift, and what a fabulous job you did interviewing Georgia and editing it all. Thank you so much!! "

Lindsey Erickson (4/28/2017) Leawood, Kansas


“The finished product of the recording was so well done. This is such a special way to have memories of loved ones preserved.”

Susan Campbell (1/31/2017) Leawood, Kansas

McCutcheon, Ron.jpeg

“When I first heard that my family had arranged for Voices In Time to record my life stories I have to admit I was a little skeptical that I would enjoy doing this. That concern quickly went away.  Stacie was so pleasant and easy to talk to that the two hours seemed to fly by!”

Ron McCutcheon (1/20/2017) Kansas City

Murphy 2, Jim and Bonnie.jpeg

“My parents’ recordings revealed many things that I might never have known.  Interviewing them each individually was great because often one person’s memory differs from another.  I continue to sing your praises as I am positive this is something we should all do for our families!

Cindy Hand (1/6/2017) Raytown, Missouri


“I'm taking Mom's, Dad's and Aunt Susie's recordings with me on my cross country drive next week.  Looking forward to listening to them again...for the second or third time, as I always hear something a little differently each time.”

 Elie Shutz Gaines (11/2/2016) Scottsdale, Arizona


“What a wonderful and happy experience this was! I wanted to record my voice and memories for my family and am thrilled with the end result. It was a relaxing and meaningful time and I treasure this gift to my family and myself!”

Marilyn McConnell (11/19/16) Mission  Hills, Kansas


"Our entire family has talked about how this process has been beneficial to Sheldon.  He looked forward to the sessions, to telling & reliving the stories, and to handing down his history to all family members.  We are really enjoying listening to Sheldon’s history and great stories."

Scott Crossette (8/19/16) Overland Park, Kansas


“I just got through listening to the recordings.  You did such a fantastic job.  It almost made me cry.  It’s so lovely. Your packaging is exquisite.  Thank you!”

 Maria Duncan (3/23/16) Mission Hills, Kansas


"I purchased six copies of my life story and gave one to each of my children.  They were thrilled to have it with my own voice.  For them it is a treasure, as it is for me.  I think it is much better than just writing it.  I am so thankful that I did the recording.  Judy did a fantastic job with editing." 

Clip Higgins (3/20/16) Lincoln, Nebraska


"I can't tell you how many times I have listened to Mom’s recordings.  Each time I listen, I seem to hear something new.   I am so happy to have them!"

Susan Edwards Miller  (4/27/16) Mission Hills, Kansas


"I surprised my husband with a recording of his parents.  Judy did an amazing job capturing their stories and memories.  This was a gift that truly will keep giving for the rest of not only his life, but also our daughters."

Kari Hoeft (3/21/16) Lincoln, Nebraska


"Great experience!  This oral history is a wonderful compliment to the genealogy work our parent/grandparents have done.  A real treasure to have a permanent record of stories in our parents' own voices!"

Lori Sharp (4/19/16) Mission Hills, Kansas


"Thank you for your time and recording of my mom.   I know it will be something I can listen to long after she is gone and still enjoy.  Several things she said that I had no idea about and many that I have a good vision in my head.   Thank You."

Deb Lenz (7/15/15) Lincoln, Nebraska


"I thought I knew all of Dad’s stories, but I learned new things about his life.  It really captures who he is and his accomplishments. Thank you for what you do so that our children will know their grandfather and the sacrifices he made for his family.  It brought tears to my eyes as I listened."

Barbara Weatherford (3/2/16) Overland Park, Kansas


"Mom's recordings captured the attention of the whole family.  It was beautifully done, artfully drawing out stories in a most comfortable format.  So nice to have her voice telling the stories."

Gail Cluen (11/3/15)  Mission Hills, Kansas


"My mother’s recordings are a very personal way to hand down her memories. Having her stories in her voice will inform our family for many generations to come. "

Sandy Leibsohn (10/8/15) Mission Hills, Kansas


"I just finished listening to the interview the kids set up for me.  Thank you!  Thank you also on behalf of the grandchildren and generations to come who will benefit from and enjoy the stories of family and past."

Bucky Kessinger (1/25/15) Mission Hills, Kansas


"I just took a long drive and listened to Mom’s recordings start to finish. Wow! I was stunned.  There were multiple segments that brought me to tears.  The recordings surpassed my expectations.  I credit you, your presence and professional skills for laying the stage.  Thank you.  I am so grateful."

Maxine Christopher (12/27/14) Durango, Colorado 


"We scheduled the session with my two very reluctant parents, and thanks to the expertise and talent of your historian, Stacie Wells, who put them at ease, they both fully participated and enjoyed the recording.  I would recommend Voices In Time to anyone looking to record their family memories.  Stacie is a kind and understanding interviewer and very skilled at drawing out stories.  The sound quality and presentation is superb.  This is a great gift for any family."

Becky Weber (1/7/15) Falls Church, VA


"My bucket list has always included a wish to capture my family heritage. Voices In Time made it happen!  Courtney graciously guided my mother and her two siblings through the story of my grandparents' immigration from Slovenia through Ellis Island to Kansas City, Kansas.  Courtney's expertise has captured their past for our future. A gift for a lifetime!"

Marian Felich Williams (8/9/2014) Kansas City 


"The process was really enjoyable.  Lili’s easy manner put me at ease as I began to tell my story. With a few prompts, memories from my early years began to emerge.  Then the stories began to unfold.  I am sure my children and grandchildren will enjoy hearing my voice as they listen to my memories of people, places and events."

David Fast (7/16/2013) Leawood


"This is the best thing I could have ever done to preserve my mother's memory. Lili was engaging and asked thought provoking questions that brought out amazing stories of my mom. I was so thankful I did this because she ended up passing away 5 months after the recording was done. At 94 young years, my mom had plenty of stories and she had an uncanny memory. I can't thank Voices In Time enough for this wonderful service." 

Laura Parkey (8/14/2014), Leawood, Kansas


“I want to thank Stacie for making me the family hero this Christmas with my gift to all my family members of your amazing Voices In Time recording with my mother!!!  My niece wrote to me that she listens to the recording driving to work every day and smiles all the way!  It is a treasure to have not only her stories but to hear them in her voice.”
Ann Morrill Buffum, Connecticut


“I am sitting in my car, and I can NOT get out because I love listening to this CD of my mom.”
Cindy Kerwin (6/3/2010) Leawood


“To have Mom’s memories and to have her voice and ‘person’ saved for her grandchildren is valuable beyond any price.”

Kate Hughes (5/10/2012) Kansas City


“My parents are hard to buy for and this is a perfect gift.  They loved the time they spent with Lili.”
Jim Starr (7/14/2009) Kansas City


“It was a most enjoyable and rewarding experience to have our family history and favorite stories recorded by Voices In Time! We will always treasure having the results!”
Peggy Lane (11/18/2009) Mission Hills


“Thank you so much for making this piece of history possible.  We will treasure these stories forever.  Thank you for how you engaged Mom with your questions – she enjoyed their time with you!”
Jan Everett (11/21/2009) San Antonio


"To hear stories from my parents neither I nor my siblings had heard before….priceless. Would we reccommend this to a friend? We already have…starting the day of my Mom & Dad's sessions, given how thoroughly they enjoyed talking with Lili!  Now the issue becomes ‘when can we schedule more?’!"

Diane Marty (8/18/2014) Leawood


“Love it – keep up the good work.  A real contribution for folks who haven’t written down their important life stories.”
Alan & Susie Forker (9/14/2010) Leawood


“Hearing a loved one’s life stories in their own voice will be a lasting treasure.”
Bill Blessing (11/14/2009) Leawood


“Listening to Mom and Aunt Fran’s recording made me so happy!  My son said everyone in the family should do this.”
Karen Lichterman (7/19/2012) Leawood


"I realize, as we all get older, how little my children know about their family and some of my experiences. I want my children to be aware of what their family did in Kansas City. Voices In Time made it simple. The questions were easy to answer.”
Kelly Lambert (10/28/2009) Kansas City

Debbie & Leon.jpg

"Without a doubt, the recording I have of my Grandfather is priceless. The process was simple, warm, and professional. I feel a sense of relief knowing we have this recording of my Grandfather. Our family will cherish this for generations to come..."
Debbie Coe (10/3/2008) Mission Hills


“Fred and I were enthralled and moved with Barbara's recording.  We now have even more appreciation and respect for her life's journey. The history and wisdom she shared will leave her descendants with a treasured gift."
Carolyn Gilhousen (1/22/2009) Lake Quivira


“With an elderly Mom in failing health, I felt a sense of urgency to capture her stories told in her own unique and charming way. Voices in Time made it easy and enjoyable. The CD of my Mom's stories is priceless. It was the best gift I could share with my siblings.”
Andrea Byrne (12/10/2008) Leawood


"Catherine's recording is a real treasure.  Your skills are evident in all aspects of the project. What a sigh of relief to know that her story has been recorded for posterity."
Patty McMahon (4/11/2011) Kansas City


“What a unique gift.  I hope this recording of my brother and me becomes a part of the legacy to help our kids understand what it means to be a Manka.”
Rich Manka (1/24/2013) Leawood


"If I had known it would be this easy to record my stories, I wouldn't have worried.  They made it so comfortable."

Ruth Blauvett, Lincoln 


"We knew we would never get around to making the recordings ourselves.  By turning to Voices In Time, we now have a family treasure in their own voices.”

Dan Bolen, Overland Park


"It took a weight off of my Dad's shoulders to share and archive the stories about himself." 

Cathy Caldwell, Denver