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~ Judy's Story & Reviews ~

Judy’s background includes 22 years of recruiting, interviewing and counseling graduate students at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. After earning a Bachelor of Journalism degree in 1995, she added free-lance writing to her resume. She is active in the local genealogy society and recently recorded members’ recollections of the society’s activities for an anniversary celebration.

Judy’s interest in preserving history and family stories was piqued many years ago when a relative shared her family tree. She continually gathers family photos and stories and encourages friends to do the same. As a family historian, she feels privileged to capture other people’s stories to share with family and friends.

Judy and her husband Sam have two grown children and live in Lincoln, NE.



"I purchased six copies of my life story and gave one to each of my six children.  They were thrilled to have it with my own voice.  For them it is a treasure as it is for me.  I think it is much better than just writing it.  I am so thankful that I did the recording.  Judy did a fantastic job with editing." 
Clip Higgins; Lincoln, NE

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"Thank you for your time and recording of my mom.   I know it will be something I can listen to long after she is gone and still enjoy.  Several things she said that I had no idea about and many that I have a good vision in my head.   Thank You."

Deb Lenz; Lincoln, NE


"I surprised my husband with a recording of his parents.  Judy did an amazing job capturing their stories and memories.  This was a gift that truly will keep giving for the rest of not only his life, but also our daughters."

Kari Hoeft; Lincoln, NE


“If I had known how easy it would be to record my stories, I wouldn’t have worried. Judy made it so comfortable.”
Ruth Blauvelt; Lincoln, NE



"I am the proud daughter of my mother, who, at 86 years old, passed in her sleep.  I knew when I met Judy that I wanted our family history recorded. And I wanted that history to be recorded through my mother's eyes.   There's so much value to hearing my mom's voice - her humor, her personality coming through.  Because you know the stories but there's nothing like having it come from your mother's voice.  So I would highly recommend Judy - she's very good and patient with the people she's interviewing.  And the most important point is not to wait." 

Theresa Curtis; Lincoln, NE


"With the recorded life stories of my in-laws, my daughter will always have an important part of her family history."
Kerri Hiatt; Lincoln, NE


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