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Stacie is a former broadcast journalist, having worked in both television and radio news. She has also spent much of her time as a volunteer in her church and its outreach ministries and in the community. Stacie has a passion for people and a genuine interest in the unique stories behind each individual. That passion, coupled with a lifelong interest in history, led her to become a Personal Historian with Voices In Time.

As a child, Stacie had a close relationship with her maternal grandmother. She can still hear the sound of her voice sharing childhood memories from the early 1900s, telling silly jokes and offering heartfelt words of praise and encouragement. How she would treasure having a recording of all those memories in her grandmother’s own voice! She loves helping others capture their loved ones’ voices, giving them something of lasting value.

Stacie and her husband, Scott, have three grown children and live in Overland Park, Kansas.



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"When I first heard that my family had arranged for Voices In Time to record my "life stories" I have to admit I was a little skeptical that I would enjoy doing this. That concern quickly went away when I met Stacie and saw how well prepared and organized she was. She asked all the right questions and covered everything important, past and present.  Stacie was so pleasant and easy to talk to that the two hours seemed to fly by!  I was so pleased with the finished recording!”

Ron McCutcheon; Kansas City, MO


“I had the great privilege of working with Stacie Wells and Voices In Time. Stacie interviewed my Aunt Betty as she is my only living relative of her generation. I regretted not having the chance to have my mother or father share their memories and stories so I asked my aunt if she would be willing to tell not only her story, but stories from both her and my mother’s lives. It was very special to hear about how they grew up, when they each got married, how they spent holidays and vacations together. I was grateful to Stacie because she helped guide my aunt by asking great questions and following up when she felt it was appropriate. The finished product of the recording was so well done. I received a call from my aunt on the day she received her recording. She was full of emotions - happy and sad. Voices In Time is such a special way to have memories of loved ones preserved.”

Susan Campbell; Leawood, KS


“When I first learned of Voices In Time’s wonderful service, I knew it was something I wanted to pursue for my family.  I would give anything to hear my grandparents’ voices today, but that is not possible.  Having Stacie sit with my parents and talk with them about their lives revealed many things that I might never have known.  My parents enjoyed their visit with Stacie and interviewing them each individually was great because often one person’s memory differs from another about events in their lives. They told me that it was very easy to talk with Stacie, as it felt more like a quiet conversation with a new friend.  We have all listened to and enjoyed the recordings, and I am thrilled that years from now, their grandchildren and great grandchildren will still be able to hear their story as told by themselves.  I continue to sing your praises as I am positive this is something we should all do for our families!  Thank you for providing this wonderful means of preserving our history.”

Cindy Hand; Raytown, MO

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"Thank you for the absolute treasure of a gift of memories of my parents' lives. We scheduled the session in August with my two very reluctant parents, ages 79 and 80. Thanks to the expertise and talent of your interviewer Stacie Wells, who put them at ease, they both ended up fully participating in the session, individually and together, to share their lives and memories. We gave the final recordings to them at Christmas, with copies for both my brother and I and the five grandchildren. My family listened to it with my parents for the first time over the Christmas break. It was a great moment for them, my husband and I and my boys to know more intimately the strong heritage of their grandparents. My oldest son commented that he wanted my husband and I to do it also! I would recommend Voices in Time to anyone looking to record your family memories. Stacie is a kind and understanding interviewer and very skilled at drawing out stories. The sound quality and presentation is superb. This is a great gift for any family!"

Becky Weber; Falls Church, VA


"Dear Stacie,  I want to thank you for making me the family hero this Christmas with my gift to all my family members of your amazing Voices in Time recording with my mother!!!  My niece wrote to me that she listens to the recording driving to work every day and smiles all the way!  It is a treasure to have not only her stories but to hear them in her voice. " 

Ann Morrill Buffum; Stonington, CT


"When my daughter asked me to do this, I wasn't really sure why.  After listening to the finished product, I'm so happy to have this to pass along to my children and grandchildren.  Stacie made me feel so comfortable it was like chatting with a family member.  The recordings are so professionally finished... I couldn't be happier."
Iris Eichelberger; Overland Park, KS


“Stacie did a terrific job making my aunt and uncle feel comfortable.  Through her well-researched approach, she brought to life our family stories going back to the turn of the century.  It is one thing to tell family stories third hand at the Thanksgiving Table and another to have them recorded to be played time and time again, in their own voice.  We knew we would never get around to making the recordings ourselves.  By turning to Voices In Time, we now have a family treasure in their own voice.  I would encourage more families to make this investment.  The memories of our grandparents, and parents are too important and cherished not to record.” 

Dan Bolen; Mission Hills, KS


“I had my mother recorded because her life story is so different, growing up in London during the war and moving out to the country during the blitz, and we’d never heard all of her stories.  So this was a nice place for her to tell us her stories.

My mother was unsure of why we wanted to do this, but she loved chatting with Stacie and adored working with her.  After it was all done and she listened to them she said ‘now I know why you wanted to do this, this is very nice’.  She really appreciated the CDs and enjoyed going back and listening to them herself. 

Listening to the recordings myself made me cry, listening to my mother talk about her childhood, it’s just really special to have all of her stories.  I’m giving copies to my brother and two sisters as a surprise for Christmas, I think they will really like having these recordings.”

Deb Seitz; Overland Park, KS


“The experience and the process was so much fun – everyone was laughing and crying and giggling and telling stories that they probably wouldn’t normally tell.  It turned out just wonderful.”  
Pam Kennedy; Overland Park, KS


I was moved to tears.  And this is a gift that will touch many other lives.  I plan to give a copy of the recording to each of my sons this year for their birthdays and they can share it with my grandchildren.  Thank you for providing a way for me to tell my story.” 
Ron Olson; Stilwell, KS


“I read about Voices in Time in the Johnson County Lifestyle magazine and thought this would be a perfect gift for several people I know.  When I had the chance to observe the time and effort that Stacie put into the project I realized that I had stumbled across perhaps one of the best gifts I had ever given.  The recording is a keepsake like no other for a family that will have an impact on many generations.”
Jan Asnicar; Lenexa, KS


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