Courtney Cooper Mitchell

~ Courtney's Story & Reviews ~

 “I am remarkably fortunate to have known two of my great-grandmothers and all four grandparents, and therefore have a profound appreciation for the wealth of love and knowledge that can be gained from multi-generational families.  I remember being entertained by the animated and sometimes exaggerated stories around the holiday dinner tables. Years of unfulfilled promises to bring a microphone to Thanksgiving dinner led to a feeling of urgency to record our family history.  Since interviewing my family, I realize that there is a tremendous amount of assumed knowledge between loved ones. Taking the time to ask the questions and listen closely we learn so much more about each other, and find so much more to love.  Since creating Voices In Time with Lili Shank, I have been exceedingly grateful for the rewarding and fulfilling work we do to help families preserve their life stories.”

Prior to becoming a Personal Historian, Courtney’s professional background was in events and communications, predominately focused in the not-for-profit market. Through her years of volunteer work, she has been privileged to witness and celebrate countless examples of generosity and compassion in others. 

Courtney currently lives in Prairie Village with her husband, Jim, and their five children.



"Great experience! Oral history is a wonderful compliment to the genealogy work our parent/grandparents have done.  A real treasure to have a permanent record of stories in our parents’ own voices!"  

Lori Sharp; Mission Hills, KS


“Courtney was very professional, sensitive & responsive to the requests and needs of my 84 year old mother. To us, this recording is priceless.”
Patricia Longan; Overland Park, KS



“It is so easy to let Courtney ask the questions and then sit back and listen.  Once our family members are gone there is no way to recoup the information that only they know.”
Terry Betzelberger; Overland Park, KS


"My bucket list has always included a wish to capture my family heritage. Voices In Time made it happen!  Courtney graciously guided my mother and her two siblings through the story of my grandparents' immigration from Slovenia through Ellis Island to Kansas City, Kansas.  Courtney's expertise has captured their past for our future. A gift for a lifetime!"

Marian Felich Williams; Kansas City, MO


“Recording my mother was the most memorable gift I could have given our family.  This was a perfect way to pass her stories on to her grandchildren and great grandchildren.  Courtney was wonderful and made my mother feel completely comfortable.  Thank you for giving us our Mom’s voice...forever.”
Gail Dicus; Leawood, KS


“Mom had a great time remembering and recounting her many fun stories.  Thank you so much.  You were very nice to Mom and did a wonderful job guiding her through the sessions.”
Tim Stepp; Mission Hills, KS


“My Sweet Betsy’s Voices In Time Audio Tribute was the perfect gift for a very special person.  For an hour and a half we just held each other in our arms listening to the entire recording. As each new voice came on, I could sense her visualization of that person.  It was a very special moment.   I cannot tell you how much I appreciate your wonderful rendition of Betsy’s life through your Audio Tribute.  After 37 years of marriage, Betsy deserved a gift that was truly epic and you delivered on all accounts.”

Ed Holland; Merriam, KS