Heather La Montagne

~ Heather's Story & Reviews ~

Heather has spent most of her professional life in the marketing communications arena where she learned the importance of listening. She applies her communications skills everyday, whether advising one of her marketing clients, assisting a friend, or guiding a Voices In Time client through a recording session.

The daughter of a therapist and public relations professional, Heather has a strong interest in interpersonal relationships. “I was born to study or work in some area of communications. My belief in an open line of communication was always reinforced as a child.”

Family history is another inherent interest of Heather’s. She was fortunate to have grandparents on both sides of her family who preserved their family photos and detailed genealogical records. “I now know how lucky I was as a child to be surrounded by a constant stream of historic family pictures and stories.” A fan of NPR’s StoryCorps, she’s inspired by exposure to others’ personal history. Helping people convey and record their stories is now a passion.

Heather lives in Denver, creating her own little family history, with her husband Todd and two children, Cole and Quincy.




“To have these stories captured in my mom's own voice is really amazing. She chronicled so many family members who are no longer with us.  That's really the most important piece for me.  My kids and their kids to come will appreciate these stories and will actually feel like they know some of these family members is what I'm hoping.  I truly feel our family history is preserved for ever.”
Rebecca Nugent, Denver


“When Heather came over to do the recording, it was a joyful experience for them.  My parents loved it.  They were so happy they did it.  It took a weight off of my Dad's shoulders that he shared the stories about himself that his grandkids and their kids will have archived.

I don’t live near my parents, so when I played the CD in my car, I was mesmerized and couldn’t stop listening to it.  Right when I heard the sound of their voices I started crying because you miss your family when you don’t live near them. It’s definitely a special gift.”
Cathy Caldwell, Denver 


“Our 50th wedding anniversary tribute was incredible. This recording allows us to listen again and again to funny, touching stories shared by our closest family and friends.”

Nancy Werner, Overland Park 


"Mom was so surprised and excited to have such a meaningful gift. Being able to listen to her children and grandchildren's voices whenever she needs a smile is priceless. She especially loves hearing her grandchildren's cute interpretations of stories she's shared."

Kris LaValley, Denver 


"Heather captured the club’s history in a meaningful, interactive way. It’s wonderful to have the stories of the club’s beginnings as a family-owned equestrian destination for our members to enjoy forever."

The Village Club, Denver