An Audio Tribute can be used for landmark birthdays, retirement celebrations, reunions, anniversaries, graduations...  

Let Voices In Time preserve voices and stories in honor of your loved one.


Package Includes:

  • Two hour recording session

  • Recording equipment set up at your gathering

  • Historian to lead guests through the recording

  • Recording is edited and chaptered with a detailed table of contents

  • Two copies in customized album cases

  • Additional copies available for $25 each

  • Extended sessions available for an additional $100 per 30 minutes


“I just have to tell you that my Sweet Betsy’s Voices in Time Audio Tribute was the perfect gift for a very special person.  For an hour and a half we just held each other in our arms and cried throughout the entire CD.  As each new voice came on, I could sense her visualization of that person and with about half of the people she even completed the story that they were about to tell. It was a very special moment for Betsy and me.  I must admit the two best nights of my life (now over 60 years) was Sunday night listening to the Tribute and the night I met Betsy over 42 years ago.  I cannot tell you how much I appreciate your wonderful rendition of Betsy’s crazy life through your Voices In Time CD.  You made it the best Christmas ever for both of us.  After 37 years of marriage, Betsy deserved a gift that was truly epic and you delivered on all accounts.”

Ed Holland, Kansas City